Socializing can seem pretty impossible when you are on a restricted diet and reducing Fat from your lifestyle. With 2022 bringing another round of Gatherings, birthdays, and special occasions, it might feel like you need to give up on your fitness resolution to do so.

Fortunately, there is a solution- as management theorist, Peter Drucker, says, “What gets measured gets managed.” Simple mindful choices and smart meal tracking can help you make memorable moments without being rude to your friends and family. Rather than drooling over your Google image search for “the best salmon tacos near me” and restricting everything while being bummed out, you can enjoy your outings while meeting your calorie goals for the day. This blog will be sharing a quick guide on some popular yet healthy meals that you can enjoy while sticking to your diet plan without drawing much attention from your friends.


Simply grilled or topped with garlic butter, cajun spice, or teriyaki, one serving of grilled salmon packs approximately 256 calories with a quality balanced nutrient density. Depending on your nutritional needs and macros count, you can opt from our selection of sides including Asparagus, grilled zucchini, coleslaw, roasted corn, black beans, rice or brown rice, french or Sweet potato fries Apart from being a more health-conscious alternative than your search for “Grilled salmon near me”, it's delectable, flavorful, and makes for a satisfying meal while packing all the outdoor eating fun.


Build-a-bowls are a smart meal choice and are popular among fitness enthusiasts and weight watchers. Coming with a base of rice/ brown rice/ greens, and many vegetable choices, depending upon your choice of base, a build-a-bowl can pack anywhere between 500 to 700 calories. You can trim the calories with your choices. For instance, instead of rice, opt for mixed greens, brown rice or ancient grains and top it with our popular grilled seafood options


Beverages can be quite a challenge. If you are used to having a beer and alcoholic beverages, make sure to stay away from them or plan your visit to a place that doesn’t serve alcohol. Opt for a freshly brewed iced tea instead. With only 80 calories, iced tea keeps you busy sipping without taking your diet off track.


Ahi Poke is another exceptionally healthy option. Full of omega 3, the raw pieces of tuna cut into cubes are marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil. Each contains 167 calories (approximately) with 12g each of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. You can share it as an appetizer with your friends and enjoy it with a beverage for a snack or add-on a salad to make a complete meal.

Until and unless you know what’s going on in your plate, you needn’t worry about your diet plan. The key is to stick to fresh ingredients and simple cooking without preservatives or additives.

If healthy meals are something that you miss while you are out, plan a visit to FishBonz Grill to change your perspective. Our thoughtful menu incorporating a variety of fresh ingredients and simple cooking keeps health at its center without compromising taste or value.