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Kimberly H.

Santa Ana, CA

If you like grilled seafood at an affordable price, this is THE place! My mom loves seafood so I took her to try this place and she got a cajun salmon vinaigrette salad and she loved it. She said the fish is so buttery, juicy, tender, and seasoned deliciously. For about $13, she got two generous pieces of fish on her salad. And I got battered fish and battered shrimp tacos, and they were pretty good too and I'm a noob seafood eater haha! I've tried the clam chowder here as well, which I loved with the sour dough bread bowl just like boudins! My boyfriend likes their grilled fish and shrimps as well! Definitely a great place for seafood lovers galore!

Marcela V.

San Diego, CA

Very good quality food!! Good portion and super affordable!! Fresh !!!!! This plate is build your own bowl ahi poke

Joyce A.

Phoenix, AZ

Wow! Serving size is generous. Looking at other customer orders too.

Outstanding customer service from the moment you walk in. Very helpful selecting menu items and patiently answered questions. Would come back just for the service

Fish & Chips. Yes please! Large portion, easily shared. In lieu of "chips" we had rice and coleslaw. Would definitely reorder both sides. Rice, seems simple enough - their tasty vittles are delicious. Ordered the clam chowder. I can see why this came with a strong recommendation. Fresh test, Chick-fil-A oh potato and clam.

Top choice!! Oh you comin' here

Bella B.

Cerritos, CA

Was pleasantly surprised with my takeout order. Sometimes I'm hesitant with shrimp but this time it was a bit. The garlic butter Cajun sauce was pretty good. It was more on the garlic butter side. The zucchini was grilled well, had an al dente bite to it. I love it like that instead of mushy grilled veggies. The price point was good. Overall satisfied and will order again!

Leena N.

Santa Ana, CA

My boyfriend and I really love this place.

First off, there is parking in the back. Staff and servers are wearing masks and is very friendly. If you have certain questions about their menu, they will happily answer them for you. There have indoor and outdoor seating.

Now onto the food. Seafood here can be either grilled or battered to your liking. The food taste really fresh, and the sides they have also compliments anything you're eating,l (rice, corn, fries, sweet potato fries, etc) they also have meat here such ask steak and chicken! And if you're a fan of burgers, you're in luck! They do that here too!!

I've been here so often. Just know you have a variety of selections here from sides to entrees.

Andy Y.

New York, NY

Came here for some good tacos to sit outside. Didn't disappoint at all!

Parking: There is parking the rear with plenty of spots.

Outside: Seemed like right now most people come here to pick up their food. There is outdoor seating with a lot of tables and a few heaters.

Food: Shrimp Taquitos: So good! Nice and crispy and packed with flavor, it is a great app to get for sure.
Seared Ahi Taco: Very good choice for a taco here. The other tacos look good too and I be down to try them all. Just a solid taste with a nice sear that made it very tasty to eat.

Overall: Come through! The park is fine and there is outdoor seating with heated lamps so you can enjoy sitting outside and eating a delicious fusion meal.

Denise R.

Bakersfield, CA

The food is delicious here! Friendly atmosphere, so it was great for the kids, and the customer service was great too!

We ordered the ahi poke appetizer, an ahi poke bowl, and the shrimp and scallops wrapped in bacon.... I'm drooling just thinking about that meal again. Everything was delicious. The shrimp and scallops were my favorite. I love that they don't skimp out on the ahi tuna portions. We received a good amount.

Definitely want to come here again and try a few other things on the menu.

Michelle J.

Washington, DC

The staff is so kind! Eric (not sure i spelled his name correctly) helped me pick out the tuna tartare and he was correct. It was delicious and fresh. I had grilled asparagus and black beans. It was healthy and delicious! If you check in with Yelp you get a free beverage. The place is great. I sat outside and it was great! I can't say enough about it. The price was GREAT! It was such a great value! Can't say enough good things about it! Eric even gave me great advice for the rest of my trip in California. Three cheers for them!

Susan M.

Newport Beach, CA

I can't believe I've never been to this place, and it's been here months and is exactly what I've been craving! The fish preparation is moist and well seasoned and the veggies are fresh and generously portioned. We are always trying to find healthy and delicious at the same place, and it is rare. I will be ordering from here for my next dinner party. Fabulous. I love that they also have filet mignon for my fish adverse friends. Next time I want to try the shrimp skewers as they looked excellent, although the ahi salad at the next table might come first!

Paul C.

Tustin, CA

Rarely in OC do you get great food for such a value. Exhibit A is the giant serving of fish and chips for $10.99. We ordered two plates and had plenty to take home for lunch the next day.

I brought my grown up kids back the next week and ordered 2 plates. They were impressed with the french fries and such a generous portion at that. The fish is perfectly crisp and you get three pieces about the size of two iphone XLs stacked together. My daughter remarked that the bread was great - just one piece but a good compliment to the meal along with the decent cole slaw.

The restaurant is clean and casual but presents well. There is an excellent fresh salsa, tartar sauce and condiments bar. I like the option for self serve soda water.

I'd put this up against any sit down seafood restaurant in OC. Fish and Chips at Fishbone are great!

Full disclosure - I happened to meet the owner while attending a car club meeting at the restaurant. Nice guy, seems to really know how to cook ;)

Evelyn T.

Aliso Viejo, CA

Bumping up my rating 5 stars. When we arrived, we were immediately greeted. I ordered their New England Clam Chowder, and Fish and Chips. We brought it back home and the Fish was still crispy. Tartar sauce, cole slaw with raisins, ketchup, butter, crackers for the chowder, and (shrimp) cocktail sauce were added to the bag. My husband ordered skewered steak with two sides (rice and black beans).

With each of our entrees, there was a small piece of soft French baguette. The butter included in our bag came in handy for our little carb. I quite liked it, and everything else I ordered. There are no pictures for any of my visits because I've done all of them as Take Out orders and was too hungry to take photos when I arrived at my destination. Once we took our food to Dana Point and grabbed a table on the beachfront. The other two times we brought our hearty fare home. One of these days maybe I'll take some photos. In the meantime, I'm happy to visit FishBonz and order take out.

Nijole T.

Los Angeles, CA

This was definitely the best meal of Newport restaurant week! The fish and chip tray was enough to feed an entire family and extremely well priced. Service was wonderful, I highly suggest ordering ahead online or calling it in to avoid away. Everything was fresh and tasted great. Very clean and well run.

Lola W.

Newport Beach, CA

Delicious ultimate with lobster,shrimp, steak and sides Very very clean. Lots of precautions taken to keep everyone safe. The filet mignon was actually amazingly delicious and tender

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