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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are most of your items (unbattered) gluten free?

Yes most are grilled Please go to our menu Or see our images on IG Fishbonz seafood grill.

2. What are your keto options?

We have designed 4 salads, 3 plates and 2 bowls that will be Keto. We will start this when we can. In the meantime if your familiar with Keto,majority of our plates are already close to Keto by deleting items such as corn, tomatoes, carrots etc.

3. What are the hours during Covid-19?

Mon - Sun 11:30 AM - 9:00 PM

4. Is the fish farm raised or wild?

We have both wild and farm raised. All our fish is marked on our menus, website and our menu board in the restaurant.

5. Can I order takeout?

Yes you can call us at 949 268-7812 or go to our website and click CM location

6. Gluten free options?

Many Gluten free options as long as you stay away from our fried foods.... all our grilled fish, Fish salads etc. depends also on your body and how it metabolizes food. Many of our customers with celiacs have eat at my restaurant for years! I hope this helps.

7. Do they let you bring outside wine in? If so what would be the corkage?

Yes we allow your favorite wine based on $10.00 although we serve Kendall Jackson wines that are excellent!

8. Is it open in Costa Mesa?


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